Do I need a For Sale sign when selling my home?

Having a for sale sign outside your home when selling can make make a massive difference, and may even grab the attention of your future buyer. However, its important to note that a for sale sign isn’t for everyone – and that’s ok. There are a number of reasons why some people aren’t a fan. They may not wish for their neighbours to know they want to move, or potentially risk having random strangers knocking on their door.

Hammond & Smith will always work with you to make the best choice for your home and its location. Here are just some of the advantages of having a for sale sign…

1. Powerful Marketing Tool

Whilst it’s true that over 90% of buyers will begin their search for a new home online, not all buyers are actively looking for a home or maybe one in a particular location, and we regularly receive calls from potential buyers who’ve seen a for sale sign outside a property of interest.

These buyers may have had their eye on your home for some time or have fallen in love with the street where you live. When they see the house that’s caught their attention for so long it can be hard to forget! Before they know it, they’re making a call to us.

What’s more, perhaps your home is close to a point of interest – a pub, a park or even the village pond! We say – never under-estimate the power of passers by. Once a board has gone up, it doesn’t go unnoticed. Word-of-mouth marketing is organic and word soon spreads… your home might be mentioned in a chat with a friend, who then mentions it to a neighbour, who then jumps on the internet to have a look. Conversations about property are a valuable way of reaching potential buyers – and you never know, the next conversation could be about yours.


2. Can help to sell your home more quickly.

The more awareness we can create for your home, the more potential buyers we can reach. This is a win win!

Here at Hammond & Smith we believe in listing homes for the right price in order to get your home SOLD. We do not believe in winning business by over valuing and having your home sit on the market for lengthy periods of time with no interest. No one wants a for sale sign gathering dust outside their home because it was listed at an unachievable figure. Whilst we’re always happy to try the price you wish, we will always be honest with you, working with you as a team! And we will always negotiate to get you the highest possible sale price.


3. Making it easy for buyers

Not every property is easy to find, house numbers can often be obscured or missing, or street lighting not effective making homes feel hidden. You want potential buyers arriving at a viewing to feel positive and excited, not frustrated and annoyed because they have spent the last 20 minutes struggling to find your home.

A for sale sign clearly indicates where your property actually is, making viewings an easier and calmer experience for buyers.


4. No one puts baby in the corner!

This famous Dirty Dancing quote says it all! In order to sell, you want your home to be seen, to shine and sparkle in the spotlight. A for sale sign is a wonderful way to make sure your home receives the attention it deserves. You could soon be dancing your way to a sale!


If you’re looking to buy or sell, or would like more advice on the market right now, we would love to help!

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